Christian? Non-Christian? Not quite sure? Just curious? Welcome!

If you’ve ever wanted scientific, evidential proof that the New Testament accounts of Jesus are reliable and true, then tons of books have been written claiming to provide it; some by former skeptics (I’ve published a list for you to check out if you’re interested).  However, this blog is not one of those.  Broadly, it’s a Christian lifestyle blog, if lifestyle for you includes a light smattering of poetry, theology and culture. It’s about knowing and experiencing God as a believer, and it’s about exploring what he is and how he acts in the world.

The posts on this blog are inspired by personal theological musings and wrestlings, emotional outbursts, passions and fascinations, frustrations with the world, or else those times when I’ve sat down with my Bible or a Christian book, or have otherwise experienced the work of God in my life, and have gone “Wow,” and wanted to share what I’ve learned with as many people as possible.


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