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Gay marriage legislation and an Anglican problem.


It was after dinner this evening when my mother announced, offhandedly, “Oh by the way, you know tonight will be the first time a gay couple are going to get married?”
My heart sank.
I murmured, “Oh, right,” in what I hoped was a neutral-sounding-but-not-too-approving tone.

To deny my views when asked for them would be tantamount to denying Christ, but if not asked, I don’t need to stick my head above the parapet for something in which there is no profit. My justifications are Scriptural and Scripture means nothing to these people. Salvation comes through faith, and Scripture’s authority is known and felt by those who have faith. Why cast my pearls…? You’ve probably gathered that I’m an eager evangelist. Some evangelicals might stop at a comment like that – there is a widespread impression that for evangelicals, all that matters is getting more names on the roll. Let everything else go to the dogs, go to seed, bite the dust: just as long as we have more bottoms on seats and a better worship band next Sunday – and better PR. All so that more people might decide to commit to Christ. Continue reading



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The Church of England, Past and Present: a Reflection on the Magnificat

This is not really my usual kind of post… it’s more of a personal reflection. So here’s about 2000 words’ worth of my heart on a plate, which I’m painting through a song and a few well-worn narratives. Continue reading

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March 19, 2014 · 1:38 pm

Days of Judah

Days of Judah, days of sunshine, Lion strong, come be my light.
Holy King, Beauteous Lord, Dearest God, be my delight.
Take my hands and take my dreams; be the One who cradles me.
Stand before me, guard behind me, be the eyes through which I see:
Holy keeper, Most High ruler, take my will and be my might.

Cow my hatred, quiet my dread, strike my rage and lift my head.
Holy ruler, tender lover, ride to battle in my stead.
Though I bolt and though I clamour; rein this heart lest she know less
Than endless valour, endless truth, endless love and righteousness.
Break me in, heart-whisperer. Be my master, be my bread.

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Church Music Wars and Page CXVI. Including Pre-release Stream of their New Album!


The debate wears on. When we ditch our trad. hymns in church for some of the funkier stuff we heard at Soul Survivor or Spring Harvest, is it a case of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, or is there an important part of our spiritual heritage that we’re abandoning when we do that? Don’t get me wrong. Everyone loves a good chorus of ‘Oh, Happy Day’.

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