Why Jesus Aces Santa Claus

Santa Jesus
Santa isn’t real. Jesus is real.
Santa is an old man in a red suit with a herd of flying reindeer. Jesus is God made flesh.
Santa only visits once per year. Jesus promises to always be there.
Santa only gives you earthly, perishable things that don’t last. Jesus gives you eternal things and earthly things often come with them.
You can’t get gifts from Santa if you’ve been a bad boy or girl this year. Jesus’ gifts aren’t dependent on how many times you’ve stuffed up.
Santa cannot fix broken lives, he can only add a bit of sparkle to ‘okay’ lives. Jesus doesn’t just fix us, he brings us back from the dead.
Santa can’t forgive our sins, help us stop sinning or reconcile us to God. Jesus can, did and does.
Santa usually goes away after your parents die. If Jesus is with you, he will never leave you no matter what happens to your parents.
Santa has changed over the years (especially since a certain Coca Cola advert) and will be forgotten about one day. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Santa isn’t relevant to a lot of peoples and cultures in the world. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords – and that covers every tribe, tongue and nation.
Of those who believe in Santa, Santa mysteriously seems to give more to the kids with rich parents than to the kids with poor parents. Jesus gives generously to all who trust in him, no matter how much their parents earn.

Adapted from John Piper’s podcast: Santa Claus: Harmless Fun or Christmas Disruption? (Episode 235) (https://soundcloud.com/askpastorjohn/santa-claus-harmless-fun-or). Some of the stuff on this list is my own or in my own wording, so check out the original!


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