Unleash your inner Jesus.

A thought came to me as I was browsing DeviantART.com for Jesus art today.

I had been thinking to myself, ‘Perhaps if the traditional artists were true lovers of Jesus and had divine visitation or inspiration, or at least as much of an instinctual grasp of physiognomy as Balzac or Charlotte Brontë appear to have had, then their portraits of Jesus might have been in some part correct.  Maybe I really am looking at what was more-or-less the face of Jesus here, but with a few variations from artist to artist.’

Then I thought, ‘That’s foolishness.  We won’t know what Jesus looks like for sure until he comes, and there’s no guarantee he’ll meet with any of our expectations.  But won’t it be wonderful to finally see what Jesus actually looked like?  The actual Jesus, and not just some generally accepted caricature?’

I continued browsing, then gradually another thought came to me. ‘That’s foolishness too.  We know what Jesus looks like.  How can we not know what Jesus looks like?  Every Christian has an inner Jesus; it’s called the Holy Spirit.  I’ve spent years browsing through psych self-help articles and listened to counsellors who have told me to stop suppressing my ‘inner child’.  To hell with that, I’ve got an inner Jesus!  Why doesn’t anyone bang on about letting him show his face once in a while?  Perhaps, if I want to know what he looks like, I should stop suppressing him instead!’


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