A reason God gave me to rejoice in him today.

It is wonderful when God shows us the gravity of our sins and prompts us to repent.  Especially when  it’s because we have prayed and asked that he might do so.  Today God answered a specific prayer of mine, and I wanted to shout his mercy and kindness from the rooftops.  But I’ve settled with my WordPress blog for now.

There is a sin which I often commit and find it difficult to feel remorseful about.  My heart had become hardened to that sin, and I knew that I needed to repent; not just to say “I’m sorry, Lord,” and then carry on with my life as before, but to actually mean it and subsequently feel repulsed by that sin.  I prayed over it, and now a week or so later, God has answered in the form of a dream which showed me how heinous the least part of that sin was.  It was a vivid, heart-sinking dream; I awoke from it feeling shaken, and what stayed with me afterwards was the image of the face of the person whom I had wronged.  I remember now that a friend of mine had a similar experience about a year ago when someone had prayed for her without her knowing.  When she told me about her dream, I told her what had been prayed for her, and we knew that the Lord had answered that prayer.

You might call it coincidence, but I believe that the Sovereign Lord who calls all things into being and orders all things, ordered that I should dream that dream last night, just as he would order me to dream any dream any night.  The Lord willed that I should pray, and that it was through the dream that God gave the prayer its answer.  Praise be to God for prompting, rebuking and providing new reasons to rejoice in him!  His mercies are new every morning.


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  1. I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing your experience on here 🙂 That was certainly God ordained. I pray we would all realise what a God we have – and worship Him in Holy reverence and awe. So often I see Jesus, and see what He’s done for me, and I think only about grace, not about the punishment that was required for my sinfulness. Praise God for His reminders and His loving forgiveness.

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